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Project Description

Engineered for true 58 Ncm force at 8,4V with a fast positioning speed of 0,06 sec / 60°, the Hacker DITEX TD0606M is the smallest servo of the DITEX series.These are perfectly suited for all applications where space is tight and light weight is critical.




Servo Name DITEX TD0606M
Order-No. 50000606
Type Mico
Length 23 mm
Width 12 mm
Height 29 mm
Weight 23 g
Torque @ 6.0V 52,3 Ncm
Speed @ 6.0V 0,12 sec/60°
Torque @ 7.4V 57,4 Ncm
Speed @ 7.4V 0,067 sec/60°
Torque @ 8.4V 58 Ncm
Speed @ 8.4V 0,06 sec/60°
Gear type Metal
Bearing Ball-Bearing
Case Alu / Alu
Spline 25-teeth Spline
Use application Model airplanes
Recom. input voltage 6,0 – 8,4 V
Max. input voltage 10,0 V


The TD0606M is our smallest servo in the DITEX SERIES.

Suiteable for model airplanes