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Project Description

The DITEX TD0905L bring all of the DITEX engineering to the low profile / standard size form factor.  The lower height, of course, allows racers to take advantage of the TD0905L’s series true and reliable  85 Ncm of torque at 8,4 V. The sensational speed of 0,05sec / 60° and maximum precision of the DITEX encoder chip make this servo one of the quickest servos in the market. Don’t forget, all the innovative programmable functionalities of the DITEX series are packed into the TD0905L too!




Servo Name DITEX TD0905L
Order-No. 50000905
Type Low profile
Length 40,8 mm
Width 20 mm
Height 26 mm
Weight 57 g
Torque @ 6.0V 54 Ncm
Speed @ 6.0V 0,08 sec/60°
Torque @ 7.4V 77 Ncm
Speed @ 7.4V 0,06 sec/60°
Torque @ 8.4V 85 Ncm
Speed @ 8.4V 0,05 sec/60°
Gear type Metal
Bearing Ball-Bearing
Case Alu / Alu
Spline 25-teeth Spline
Use application Model airplanes
Recom. input voltage 6,0 – 8,4 V
Max. input voltage 10,0 V


The DITEX TD0905L is a low-profile servo of the standard size.

Suiteable for model airplanes