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Project Description

The DITEX TD1005S is our fastest standard size servo. Delivering 0,05sec / 60° transit speed, while cranking with a torque of 108 Ncm (8,4 V).  This servo is engineered for the ultimate balance of speed, torque and precision, making it perfectly suited for applications such as helicopter tailservo.




Servo Name DITEX TD1005S
Order-No. 50001005
Type Standard
Length 40 mm
Width 20 mm
Height 37 mm
Weight 63 g
Torque @ 6.0V 77 Ncm
Speed @ 6.0V 0,065 sec/60°
Torque @ 7.4V 90 Ncm
Speed @ 7.4V 0,052 sec/60°
Torque @ 8.4V 108 Ncm
Speed @ 8.4V 0,046 sec/60°
Gear type Metal
Bearing Ball-Bearing
Case Alu / plastic
Spline 25-teeth Spline
Use application Model airplanes
Recom. input voltage 6,0 – 8,4 V
Max. input voltage 10,0 V


The DITEX TD1005S is our latest fastest servo ...

in standard size with an actuating force of 108 Ncm at 8.4V.

Suiteable for model airplanes