Suiteable for RC Paragliding

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Project Description

The DITEX TD2612P is the currently most powerful DITEX servo in standard size for large models of all types. True 26kg force at 8.4V with a positioning speed of 0,12sec/60° and the innovative DITEX technologies are perfect for all RC Applications suited where power, accuracy and reliability are desired.
DITEX TD2612S is the king of DITEX ultra torque servos.

Delivering an incredible 265 Ncm (8,4v) of torque at a speed of 0,12sec / 60 ° while requiring an amazingly modest amp draw.  These servos will get the job done with authority and won’t bring the power supply to its knees.  Of course, all of the innovative DITEX technologies are included.
Use these where unmatched torque, precision and reliability are necessary.

Servo Name DITEX TD2612P
Order-No. 50012612
Type Standard
Length 40 mm
Width 20 mm
Height 37 mm
Weight 63 g
Torque @ 6.0V 180 Ncm
Speed @ 6.0V 0,17 sec/60°
Torque @ 7.4V 260 Ncm
Speed @ 7.4V 0,14 sec/60°
Torque @ 8.4V 265 Ncm
Speed @ 8.4V 0,12 sec/60°
Gear type Metal
Bearing Ball-Bearing
Case Alu / plastic
Spline 25-teeth Spline
Use application RC Paragliding
Recom. input voltage 6,0 – 8,4 V
Max. input voltage 10,0 V

The DITEX TD2612P is the standard size servo, designed specifically for the needs of large model pilots.

Suiteable for RC Paragliding